Restoring Old and Broken Windows
to their Original Strength and Beauty

Its not uncommon to find churches that were built one hundred years ago, sometimes more. Through its many years of use the windows can begin to show signs of thier age.

If your current windows are showing signs of wear, broken glass, or aged frames, we can take the windows are restore them to thier original condition. The general process we go through for this is as follows:

  • Taking out old windows
  • Disassembling the window and cleaning the old glass
  • Cutting/painting new pieces for those broken
  • Reconstructed with new leading
  • If needed, new frames are built as well
  • Newly restored windows are delivered and installed

Below is an example of a window that is in the process of being fit back together with new leading. The right image is a restored painted piece. The original had three cracks running through it.

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